Artifact goes completely Free-To-Play

As of January 21st, 2014, Artifact will be completely free-to-play! No subscriptions, No One-Time Fees, No-Ads and No Microtransactions!

All access levels will be retired except for Citizen' any new players to Artifact or existing freemen will be automatically given 'Citizen' access.

Existing customers who purchased in the past will maintain the custom level color, such as Gentry, Noble, Royal, and Imperial, however all players will now have unlimited game-time and unlimited access to all games! Better yet? No Microtransactions, and no Ads!

Donator Access

As of May 15th, 2014, Samu Games will be introducing the Donator reward. A new access level designed to reward players that choose to donate to the continuation of Artifact. If you would like to know more, click here

What is Artifact!

Build an empire from a single city. Form alliances and friendships with other players from around the world. Search the map for the Ancient Artifacts and claim them for your own. Use their powers to help you and your allies conquer the world!

Here are just few of the Ancient Artifacts:

The Red Dragon Artifact increases the damage your cavalry does to an enemy.
The Air Artifact increases the speed of all military units.
The Bone Artifact reduces the fatigue of all military units and workers so you can work them harder and longer.
The Fire Artifact grants an attack bonus to all military units.

  • Compete against Live Opponents - Real, Live Players from all over the United States and the World come together to battle for control of the Artifacts. Not only do you compete with other players, but you can also create alliances with them to "guard your back" while you're offline. More than just a game, Artifact has been a thriving online community since 1999!

  • The Thrill of Real-time Combat - All building, movement and combat are resolved in "real time." Build your empire, scout your neighbors, and wage war on your enemies, all in real time.

  • The Challenge of a Persistent World - Artifact is always running. When you log out, your empire is still there--your population is still growing, your workers are still working, your military is still there defending your holdings. Your enemies will still be there too, so make sure you have allies you can trust!

  • Free to Play! - Artifact is FREE to play for as long as you like. Learn to play without paying a cent, or go for a Full Access right from the start. It's your choice!


  • 15 May 2014 - Artifact introduces Donator Access. Click here for details.

  • 22 January 2014 - Artifact goes completely Free-To-Play, see in-game for details.

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  • 25 June 2010 - Many updates made to the server, see in-game for details.

  • 6 November 2009 - Artifact is moving to a new server. Should be back online in a few hours.

  • 9 April 2007 - Artifact Updated! Download the new Artifact software here.

  • 14 July 2004 - Artifact 2.2 Released!.

  • 14 July 2004 - Artifact's new Web page is online. Please be patient as the various nooks and crannies of the site are brought to heel.

  • Artifact reviewed by - Check out the review!

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